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Kenwood TS590 memory management

Memory manager software for Kenwood TS590. Developed during my free time. Although still in development, program is full functional. Tested on EU version of TS590.

Some bugs may occur - feel free to report it to
[ ts590mem [at] ].

Any feedback is welcome, so I will be sure that future development makes sense.

Change notes:
v0.2beta - unable to remove memory bank issue fixed; empty channel name crash issue fixed;
v0.1beta - first public beta release

Know issues:
- unable to communicate messages appear from time to time, if port and speed settings are right just click to the button again
- these are some issues with serial communication protocol setting in case of devices like serial port splitter - program is configured for dtr=on/rts=on/parity=none/handshake=none settings as used in TS590;

v0.2beta download

You tube: Kenwood TS-590 memory management software